Our mission is simple because God’s message is simple! 
 Love God, Love People;
Serve Both.
In-Person Worship
Safety Measures
One Service : 10am CT 
Online and in-person times are the same. Worship services will run approximently 75 minutes. 
Online service will be on our Facebook Page or Live here! 
Greeters will open doors
Our greeters will open doors for you and other doors will be propped open.
Please allow them to serve you. 
The Lord’s supper 
On your way in to the Worship Center,
you are welcome to pick up disposable communion elements. 
Please dispose of them as you leave the Worship Center.
Offering will be collected in donation areas as you leave.  
Hand sanitizer stations
Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the building
for you to use to help protect yourself and others. 
Infant room
Infant room will be available upon request for parents to take their young children.
Stay connected
Use Facebook to interact with your church family throughout the week. 
Stay connected through all our social media channels. 
Contact the church office to receive up-to-date ESCC text messages. 
If you have any questions, please contact the church office or
email us at prayers.escc@outlook.com and we will contact you.

ESCC is Social

 Church is not a building. We extend God’s Word and love to our community and online through all our social media channels.